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Kourage Health is dedicated to stewardship, as we honor our donors and use their gifts for maximum impact. We are proud that 91 cents of every dollar applied goes directly to enhancing the daily lives of patients dealing with chronic health conditions. As Kourage Health participants gain functional ability, physical strength, and renewed hope, their overall quality of life improves. The number of individuals supporting Kourage Health is just as significant as the dollars we raise. The support we receive from our own patients, their families and friends, and our healthcare partners is a reflection of the trust placed in our programs. Every gift of every amount extends your caring spirit, as together we make a tremendous difference in the lives of others.

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Your support is essential to everything we do.

Your help provides vital resources to expand our program to more communities that support the underserved

Your help supports research to expand knowledge and validate the need for our program in chronic disease treatment

Your help supports a world-class team of Exercise Specialists and healthcare professionals

Your help reduces the costs associated with serious health conditions

Your help ensures our program remains free for all patients, eliminating cost as a barrier

Your help inspires students to join a ground-breaking program and give back to the communities in which they live

Our commitment to our patients never ceases. As our programs continue to expand, so do the funding requirements. Kourage Health receives no reimbursement for its services from private insurance, Medicare, or other health coverage sources. Therefore, your commitment to giving each year provides a sustaining base of support.

Thanks to you, we truly are powered by philanthropy.

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Annual Gifts

Planned Gifts/Bequests

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Memorial Gifts

Stocks, Bonds, or Mutual Funds

Employer Match Charitable Giving

Employer Match Charitable Giving

Our Executive Director is happy to answer any questions you may have and customize giving options to your specific needs. Call us at 903-561-0149 to learn about giving options in more detail and to discuss philanthropic-related questions.

Gary T. Kimmel


If you have a patient in a wheelchair and they walk again,
how do you put a price on that? It’s priceless!

The Gary T. Kimmel Society is a tribute to our founder, a man who dedicated his career to serving others along with a determination to revolutionize cancer care. The GTK Society is comprised of a select circle of leadership donors whose significant ongoing support demonstrates their commitment to honor and carry forward Dr. Kimmel’s legacy. Thank you for your dedication to the patients we serve, who share in our boundless gratitude for your generosity.

GTK Society Members (as of December 31, 2022)

Bonnie Bauer
Ruth and Roe Buckley
Marjorie Ream and Dr. Steve Cohen
Patty and Hub Coleman
Core Insights, LLC, Brian Brandt
Kris and Bobby Curtis
Dr. Sasha and Donnell Davis
Twinkle and Dr. Ed Duncan
Drs. Barbara and Charles Haas
Risa and Bill Hebb
Janet and John Hills
Phyllis Kimmel
Jenni and Greg Kimmel
Angela and Dr. Lance Mandell
Dorota and Gary Miller
Alison and Bill Newburn
Donna and Karl PanKratz
Sandy Shepard – Riehm Family Fund
Carole and Clint Roxburgh
Deb and Bob Schwarz
Betty Ann and Dr. Don Smith
Elizabeth and Dr. Herd Snider
Marie and Dr. Bill Starling
Kelley and Lonny Uzzell
Agnes and Dr. Frank Ward
Laura and Michael Young

Hearts of Kourage


Did you know that all participants in the Kourage Health program receive personalized medical exercise and related care at no charge? Kourage Health receives no financing from private insurance, Medicare, or other standard health-related funding entities. Therefore, caring donors like you are the heart of our organization!

When you give monthly to Hearts of Kourage at the amount of your choice, you will be making a difference in our patients’ lives. Together we bring hope and healing to those facing serious illnesses, and monthly giving is the safest, simplest, and most effective way to support Kourage Health.

Giving monthly matters because it fits into your budget, plans for the future, creates a community, gives Kourage Health continued support, and brings you behind the scenes. As a Heart of Kourage member, you join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the importance of making medical exercise therapy available for all patients facing a serious medical illness.

The name Hearts of Kourage reflects on two important aspects of the Kourage Health program. The ‘heart’ remembers our founder, medical oncologist Dr. Gary Kimmel, who had the vision to see a tremendous new dimension in cancer care and the heart to make that vision a reality. The ‘Kourage’ recognizes the incredible value of courage to combat fear and foster courage. We believe that courage is contagious, and we are intentional about our desire to promote a culture of courage throughout our organization and programs.